Zeldin gets testy when asked if Biden won election

by Buzz Street Times

“I ask it very intentionally that he won the presidential election,” Lizza said.

“Yes, and then I went on to continue an answer,” Zeldin said. “If you would like to give my answer for me, you can go ahead and do that. But I thought I was going to be here to answer my own questions.”

Lizza clarified, saying he was asking if Biden won the presidency.

“You’re asking me now for a third time, and I’ve said yes twice. So, I don’t know how many more times you want me to say yes and what your agenda is. But, really, it’s a bit ridiculous to be asking me a third time. But please, go ahead and ask me again,” Zeldin said.

Palmeri backed Lizza, saying he was just clarifying to ensure it was correct.

“You have, a fourth time,” Zeldin said.

“I wouldn’t call that a question,” Palmeri said.

“You can go for a fifth time next, too,” Zeldin replied.

“Is every time I speak a question?” Palmeri, said, laughing. “We can keep going.”

“Sure, let’s do it a sixth time,” Zeldin said.

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