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What matters more – children’s lives or school and exams?

We all know about the pandemic we are facing. In these unprecedented times what has been making the situation more panicky is the reopening of schools. Since when the talks have gone round the air about the reopening of schools we can see parents worrying about their children’s health.
Some have objected the decision either by signing the petitions or filing petitions in Supreme Court. Through some or the other way they have tried to show their disapproval of the decision.
Moreover the decision taken by CBSE to conduct the pending exams of class 10 and 12 in the month of July has also been opposed by many of the parents.
Their concern is over the health and lives of their children.
Measures and guidelines issued by the HRD ministry and CBSE:
Students will have to appear in their respective schools so that they have to travel less. Moreover the students who have gone back to their native places can appear in the schools inn their home centres to avoid long travels.
The exam centres have been increased from 3000 to 15,000 to conduct the pending CBSE exams.
The students would have to have their masks and gloves on in the exam halls.
The students would be made to sit in a group of 5 in a class.
When the schools are reopened there would be only 30% – 50% of students present in the school, in order to maintain the norms of social distancing.

Associated points of concern that have been arising in the minds of parents:
The students might have to travel less but some students already live at a distance of around 10kms from their own schools.
When the temperatures would be soaring high it would be difficult for the students to sit continuously for 3-4 hours with masks and gloves on.
The main worry for them is many asymptomatic cases have been reported as well. So there’s no surety that the student is at zero risk of coming into contact of this virus. Moreover the students will become carriers of this transmitting infectious disease to a large number of people. If we take an example, a student who is not having any symptoms sits in the room and comes in contact even with one or two students or a single teacher, then it will further spread to their families and so on.

Everyone right now is struggling to save themselves from this infectious disease. And the parents are worried because if the bodies of their children aren’t able to withstand the effects of this virus what will they do? Will the board be responsible for it or the respective authorities take the responsibility of their children.

Some suggestive measures that have come forward:
Many have suggested that like USA, India can pause the schooling for now. Shutting down all the schools and universities for a certain period of time, making it a zero year and starting everything fresh from the next year or till the situation becomes a bit stable. Reopening of schools is clearly not possible because social distancing among children is not an easy task. Moreover we can see the increase in number of cases among children in the countries like France that have opened schools.
That can continue with online classes for a time period till the situation is a bit more stable.
As we can see that many have filed a petition to quash the pending CBSE exams. What the suggestive measure is that the date sheet can be either postponed further or the students can be marked on the basis of practical’s conducted under the guidance of externals. Marking on the basis of internals may not prove fruitful to all the students. As many might not have appeared for internals due to some or the other reason while many couldn’t have performed well and all would have been well prepared to perform well in their board exam.
As the students have to show their mark sheet of class 12th for admission on merit basis for further studies best decision would be to postpone the pending exams for now.

Well these are a few suggestions that people all around have been giving. Reopening of schools is definitely not a good option to be seen in these unprecedented times. While everyone already is under a great pressure what adds to it will be their child’s health.
Around more than 70 new cases were alone reported in a single day among children soon after reopening of schools in France. Hope the government will look up to each associated aspect and take a decision that will be in favour and betterment of all the students. Because for parents right now what is more important is their children and their lives than anything else.

A petition has been attached at the end so that our suggestions are heard by the respective authorities.




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