WandaVision Easter Eggs Episode 6

by Buzz Street Times

Wanda Maximoff, let me give you a hug.


First, this episode’s opening title sequence is a nod to the title sequence from Malcolm in the Middle.


In fact, you can even see that the font style is the same as the font from Malcolm in the Middle.


The lyrics for the opening theme song are also pretty telling. They talk about not questioning what you’ve done, asking what if this is “all illusion,” but ultimately the song says, “sit back and enjoy the show.”


When Pietro is shown in the opening sequence the lyrics are, “Though there may be no way of knowing who’s coming by to play.” Of course, this is a nod to Evan Peters’ surprise appearance in Episode 5.


Just like Malcolm on Malcolm in the Middle, Billy and Tommy break the the fourth wall throughout the episode and talk directly to viewers.


Wanda and Vision’s house has once again changed to fit with the era they’re in, and parts of it resemble the inside of the house on Malcolm in the Middle.


Of course, Wanda and Vision’s Halloween costumes are a brilliant and utterly perfect nod to Scarlet Witch and Vision’s original superhero outfits in the Marvel comics.


Vision makes an off-handed comment that he had to wear the Halloween costume because it was the only thing in his closet. This means Wanda probably got rid of everything else so Vision would have to continue playing along.

Disney+ / Marvel

In Episode 5, Wanda began to experience moments where Vision wasn’t “following the script,” like when he didn’t want Agnes to take care of the twins.


If you look closely, you can see that Pietro has a “Mom” tattoo, and Evan Peters actually has this tattoo in real life.


Speaking of costumes, Pietro’s Halloween costume matches Quicksilver’s original costume from the Marvel comic books.

Disney+ / Marvel

Tommy is also wearing a Quicksilver costume as well because not only does he idolize Pietro, but they have similar powers.


And, Billy’s costume in this episode matches Billy’s Wiccan costume from the comic books.


While trick or treating, Pietro tells Billy and Tommy to “unleash hell, demon spawn.” Now, in the comics, Billy and Tommy were created using parts of Mephisto’s soul, and Mephisto is the devil.

Disney+ / Marvel

For weeks I’ve been speculating whether Mephisto could be the big bad villain in WandaVision, and now I’m getting more and more nervous. He’s as bad as Thanos, so get ready.


Vision mentions to Wanda that if he had found “Shangri-La,” he wouldn’t want to leave either. In the Marvel comics, Shangri-La was founded by a version of Vision.


Tommy refers to Pietro using his speed as “kick-ass,” and then Wanda repeats the phrase. This is probably a nod to the movie Kick-Ass, which starred Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters aka both versions of Pietro.

Disney+ / Marvel / Daniel Smith / Lionsgate / Everett Collection


The commercial in Episode 6 is definitely the most out there one so far, but if we’re still following the theory that each commercial represents a time in Wanda’s life, I’m going with this represents Wanda being all alone after Endgame.

Disney+ / Marvel

Later in this episode, Wanda talks about feeling “completely alone.” She’s lost her parents, Pietro, and Vision, and is trying to process her grief.


Also, while we have yet to figure out how Wanda created Westview, the shark could represent someone (Mephisto?) who offered to help Wanda overcome Vision’s death or someone is literally “snacking” on Wanda’s magic.


The Incredibles and The Parent Trap are both playing at the movie theater Wanda, Pietro, and the twins walk by. The Incredibles is a movie about a superhero family, like Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy. And, The Parent Trap is about two long lost twins reuniting, like Wanda and this version of Pietro.

Disney+ / Marvel

Also, assuming we’re talking about Lindsey Lohan’s The Parent Trap, the two movies also represent the late ’90s and early 00’s, which is the era this episode is set in.


Wanda and Pietro talk about their accent at one point, and not only is this a playful nod to Wanda’s accent slowly disappearing in the MCU movies, but in X-Men Evan Peters’ Pietro was raised in the US, so he doesn’t have a Sokovian accent. So, this is just another nod that this isn’t the MCU’s Quicksilver.


Pietro recalls that he got shot “for no reason at all,” which could be a nod to how unnecessary Quicksilver’s death was in Age of Ultron, and how fans still talk about how regular bullets shouldn’t have killed him.


In Episode 6, Billy and Tommy finally showcase their powers and I feel like a proud mom because I was just screaming, “My boys!” In the comics, Tommy has super speed, while Billy’s powers are similar to Wanda’s.


For Halloween, Agnes is dressed up like a witch, and this links to the season-long theory that Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness.

Disney+ / Marvel

I’ve mentioned this before, but in the comics, Agatha is a powerful Marvel witch who becomes an important mentor for Wanda.


Of course, Wanda warns Billy and Tommy not to go past Ellis Avenue, and that’s exactly where Vision goes to exit the Hex. Also, Vision is at a literal crossroads, and in folklore crossroads are often used to summon the devil — I’m really just running full steam ahead with this Mephisto theory.


Darcy scrolls past several folders, one of which says, “Project C4-113.” This isn’t the first time “113” has come up in WandaVision, and it could reference Avengers Issue #113, which features Scarlet Witch and Vision on the cover, and Scarlet Witch saying she’s going to make the world pay for Vision’s death.

Disney+ / Marvel

She also goes past a medical file for “Johnson, Ray,” so I’m going to need someone smarter than me to explain that one.


And, another file reads “Project M5-247,” and “247” could be a reference to Avengers Issue #247, which features The Eternals revealing their origin, and Scarlet Witch and Vision trying to help Captain Marvel.

Disney+ / Marvel

Of course, we will be introduced to The Eternals during this phase of the MCU.


Darcy informs Monica that her cells have been rewritten, twice, since entering and exiting the Hex. This is yet another hint that Monica could be getting powers and will become Photon, just like in the comic books.

Disney+ / Marvel

In the comics, Monica Rambeau actually uses Photon and Captain Marvel as her superhero aliases at one point.


Just like when Wanda saw Vision’s dead body in Episode 4, Wanda sees Pietro’s dead body after talking about feeling alone. This is what Pietro looked like the last time she saw him after he was shot in Age of Ultron.

Disney+ / Marvel

This is another nod to the fact that Wanda’s reality is slowly cracking.


When Darcy emails Hayward’s Cataract plans, you can see the names “James Gadd” and “James Alexander” as email options. James Gadd works in post-production at Marvel Studios and James Alexander is a visual effects producer on WandaVision.


After Wanda blasts Pietro, you can see one of the fake gravestones reads “Janell Sammelman.” Janell is a first assistant director on WandaVision.


When Wanda moves Westview in order to save Vision, she turns S.W.O.R.D. headquarters into a circus. In the comic books, there’s actually a plot point where Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye join the circus.

Disney+ / Marvel

I also love that she turned these S.W.O.R.D. agents into literal clowns.


In fact, earlier in this episode I spotted a “22,” and while this could be a stretch, Avengers Vol. 1, Issue #22 is actually the comic book where Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, you guessed it, join the circus.


And finally, just because I love crying, we got official confirmation that Vision cannot survive outside of the Hex. You can see that as soon as he was brought back inside Westview, his body healed.

Disney+ / Marvel

Basically, I’m going to need A LOT of tissues for these last few episodes.

Did you catch any other Easter eggs or cool details? Have a better theory for one mentioned above? Tell us everything in the comments below!

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