TV Shows That Got Too Convoluted

by Buzz Street Times

“When it started out, it was a fantastic show. It had a diverse cast, a perfect blend of genuinely funny moments mixed with the hard-hitting, brutal reality of prison, a realistic portrayal of both the prisoners and the staff, and a genuinely compelling story. With all of the praise they received, the creators got into their heads that their show would become a huge vehicle for change and was providing a voice for the voiceless. But in the pursuit of that goal, they ended up doing away with the other important stuff that made the show good. They replaced most of the prison staff with one-dimensional brutes and clichéd, mustache-twirling villains (like Donuts, Piscatella, Thomas Humphrey, Hellman, and Linda Ferguson); added a few equally one-dimensional, brutish villains (like Madison Murphy and the Denning sisters) among the prisoners; and just sacrificed their entire plot. By the end, it was nothing more than just injustice porn.”


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