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Tusshar Musix -The man with an euphonious voice

Tusshar Charnal, better known by his stage name ‘Tusshar Musix ‘ is an English and hindi singer. He is a versatile man who got ultimate skills in music composition also.

His astonishing journey begun at a very small age of 7,playing keyboard was always a game of hand for him. He describes his music as ‘R & B’ style.

He is the blessed son of ‘Mr. Shyam Charnal ‘and ‘Mrs Usha Charnal’ who always supported him in every phase of his life. He also went Mumbai to study audio engineering where he further embellished his music skills.

This 20 year old Ajmer boy brought a revolution in the music industry when he uploaded his cover song ‘Tere Naino mein’ on YouTube. He always acknowledges his brothers Avinash and Vikram Charnal who were always there for him. Tusshar is a great inspiration and role model for all new upcoming talents in the industry.Dedication and determination were success mantras of Tusshar.


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