Tom Holland Is No Longer The Boy Next Door In “Cherry”

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Move over Peter Parker, Cherry is here to take Tom Holland to a whole new level.

The story follows Cherry (Tom Holland) as he moves from college dropout to army medic to drug addict to bank robber all the while anchored by his true love, Emily (Ciara Bravo).

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There’s not enough time to go into how phenomenal Ciara Bravo is in this piece.

Up until now, my experience with Tom Holland has been limited to the Spider-Man movies and, of course, the infamous Lip Sync battle — I know he’s been in more, but both of these just live rent-free in my head.

But this movie is a huge departure for Tom as an actor as he takes this character through a myriad of life’s most gut-wrenching issues from the traumas of war and PTSD to the epidemic of the Opioid crisis.

There’s no sign of nerdy Peter Parker in this movie and to be honest, I was almost bummed because Peter is the high school boyfriend I’ll forever wish I’d had. But Tom does not disappoint.

I’ll admit I was nervous to see if Tom would be convincing playing a character as complex as Cherry, but boy was I blown away.

How was this man able to go from this:

Is pure effing talent and a lot of hard work, that’s how.

And I’m not the only one who was impressed:

Always a pleasure seeing @TomHolland1996 gracing the screen…Bravo to the @Russo_Brothers for a stellar film!

Check out #Cherry here▶️

Twitter: @RobertDowneyJr

Just watched #Cherry. I feel like everyone got distracted discussing their opinion on the film’s poster, and overlooked how brilliant a film it is. I don’t think anyone could watch it and not be moved by Tom Holland’s performance.

Twitter: @AndrewOldbury

Even Tom has expressed how incredibly proud he is of this movie and story. And rightfully so.

Cherry is an utterly heart-wrenching film that takes Tom Holland out of his schoolboy days and launches him into a foray of unique character opportunities. And I’m so ready for all of it.

You can stream Cherry now on Apple TV+. Have you watched the movie yet? Let us know in the comments.

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