The DuckTales Cast Dramatically Sing The Theme Song

by Buzz Street Times

So, as you might already know, late last year we got word that the brilliant reboot of DuckTales would be ending with this current season — Season 3, if you’re keeping track.

Disney Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

Well, today we got official word that the final episode, titled “The Last Adventure!,” will air on March 15 on Disney XD.

…which, of course, includes Danny Pudi, who voices Huey…

…Ben Schwartz, who voices Dewey…

…Bobby Moynihan, who voices Louie…

…Kate Micucci, who voices Webby…

…and David Tennant, who voices the main duck himself, Scrooge McDuck!!!

You can watch the entire ~dramatic reading~ video below, and don’t forget to catch the last episode on March 15 on Disney XD:

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Honestly, the series is really great, funny, and smart. If you haven’t seen it you can stream the first two seasons on Disney+.

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