The Dark World” Isn’t Natalie Portman

by Buzz Street Times

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Am I the only one just learning this now?

Apparently, Portman wasn’t able to make the reshoots for the post-credits scene, so the studio gave Hemsworth a list of stunt doubles he could choose from for the kiss.

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Hemsworth, being the absolute king that he is, naturally picked none of them and instead brought his wife Elsa Pataky in for the scene.

Pataky dressed in a brown wig and wore Portman’s costume and then called it good to go.

This genuinely makes so much more sense because it’s the only kissing scene between Thor and Jane that has any sense of chemistry and connection in the movie (sorry, I had to say it).

Now we know the real butterflies actually came from Hemsworth just kissing the hell out of his wife Pataky, which is honestly so much better.

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