Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Spoke At The Grammys

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Please don’t contact me for the next 48 hours, I’m busy watching this video on repeat.

ICYMI: The Grammys were last night and they did not disappoint. Beyoncé broke a record, Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. performed “WAP,” and Lizzo swore on live TV.

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But the *true* highlight of the entire night for me was a one-minute interaction between my adoptive parents Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

Twitter: @RecordingAcad

Harry and Taylor, Haylor if you will, were recorded conversing across a table during the show and even exchanged some smiles and laughs. And, honestly, that’s all we can ask for after the breakup that led to “Style” and “Two Ghosts.”

📽️ | Video of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles talking to each other at the #GRAMMYs! [via. @RecordingAcad]

Twitter: @TSwiftinAsia

While we have absolutely no idea what was actually said between the exes, there have been some pretty realistic guesses released. Like this one:

🚨 — A reliable insider shares the conversation between @Harry_Styles and @taylorswift13 during the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Twitter: @augustthe13

This one seems particularly believable.

Before the Grammys, I was stressed about work, and life, and this whole global pandemic thing we’re living through.

But now, I have a 60-second video I can watch on repeat whenever I get down about the state of the world.

(Not to mention each of their performances.)

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So, in conclusion:

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