SNL Gorilla Glue Skit Is So Freaking Funny

by Buzz Street Times

“It’s a mistake that could happen to anybody. Like brushing your teeth with Preparation H.”

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the unfortunate tale of Tessica Brown. You know, the woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair.

According to TMZ, she took up Dr. Michael Obeng on his kind offer to do the four-hour surgery to get all the adhesive off – for free! And he was successful!

Now that we know Tessica got her happy ending, SNL making fun of the whole Gorilla Glue fiasco is downright hilarious. Last night, Kenan Thompson and Regina King acted out a lawyer commercial seeking compensation for those who put the adhesive in their hair.

They shared a special message for anyone who’s used Gorilla Glue in lieu of traditional beauty products.

The lawyers revealed how often this harms the public…

…and how much compensation they deserve.

The attorneys also provided excellent testimonials from victims of Gorilla Glue like this one:

The lawyers agreed it could happen to anybody.


For those who don’t know, Preparation H is a hemorrhoid ointment.

And they asserted they were willing to stand up to the gorilla for their clients, despite the animal’s wild ways.

And at the end of the commercial, they realized Gorilla Glue can negatively affect more than just your hair.

So people, let’s all take this lesson to heart: Do NOT put Gorilla Glue in your freaking hair!!!

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Brooke Greenberg/ BuzzFeed

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