SAMI MALIK—- The versatile leading personality with affluent accomplishments.

Being a prominent artists Sami Malik has amassed a lot. His unbeatable talent and paragon skills lead him on the path of immense success. He is a very versatile personality with the leading work profile.

Sami Malik is a well-known Producer Songwriter and Artist. Well his journey of success is quite impressive and worth reading. Starting from the very beginning then because of his father’s Pakistani roots he got in touch with music early on through the Bollywood films from their culture. At some point, he commenced to write songs, feelings, and beautifully portrays in phrases that worked very nicely. Till now four-song under album named DIABLO EP have been released successfully titled Diablo, Zemer Janum, Albiwood, Holi that were loved by many.

He also attempted himself as a producer, this gave him several compliments as it proved to be profitable for him upcoming voyage and from huge successful producers and labels so he began with his partner Besar Bislimi (Cali) and he founded the channel SAMI X CALI to pack and publish all the hues, notions, emotions and conceptions on songs with the slogan they create a remarkable sound mixed with the adage Balkan meets Bollywood. They have not had any major difficulties since they have not signed a contract until now, but one never knows what could happen next and they are open to all labels and people who understand the vision and want to be part of the beautiful art.

Apart from this, the versatile lad was a professional soccer player, berlin champion german champion with Hertha BSC Berlin was also often nominated for the Pakistani national soccer team. His tremendous skills and the notion of doing something that segregates him from the crowd. He turned out to be prosperous with flying colors all possible on the foundation of his hard work and dedication. Thus we wish him good luck in the future.

Sami X Cali- Diablo
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