Riverdale Archie Roasted Moments

by Buzz Street Times

As far as Riverdale guys go, Archie Andrews is a wonderful, lovable dude.

He’s also, however, very easy to make fun of.**

The CW

**As are all Riverdale characters.

See what I mean? Look at the poor guy, he’s practically begging to be roasted.

Here are 21 times Riverdale characters dragged Archie so, so hard:


First, when Josie had this less-than-enthusiastic response to Archie wanting to work on music with the Pussycats:

The CW

Ironically, Josie and Archie ended up being one of my favorite romances later on.


When his dad was not here for his wannabe High School Musical angst:

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Nobody cares about this subplot, Archie!


When Veronica hit him with this zinger:


When Kevin gently reminded him that basically everyone on the planet witnessed his disastrous variety show audition:


When Jughead roasted Archie’s attempt at being sentimental:


When Valerie ended him with one sentence:


And then hit him with this ice-cold comeback:


And THEN absolutely obliterated his entire existence:

The CW

Okay, I actually felt bad for him here, but DAMN.


When Betty said what needed to be said:


When Reggie called out his poorly thought-out defense strategy:


When Weatherbee was less-than-impressed by Archie’s Red Circle initiative:

The CW

I think this is just all of us reacting to that video.


When Cheryl took both Archie and Jughead down with this iconic line:


When Chuck had this, uh, interesting choice of words for him at wrestling tryouts:


When Jughead had the misfortune of hearing Varchie hooking up and roasted the both of them:


When his mom absolutely came for his NECK:


When his dad was not here for his “it’s just an expensive sports car the Lodges bribed me with” routine:


When Hiram pointed out that Archie’s strategy for finding the Black Hood was, in fact, unbelievably dumb:

The CW

Okay, Hiram SUCKS, but this was funny.


And when he not-so-subtly told Archie to stop creepily sneaking into his office:

The CW

Again, Hiram is trash, but I chuckled here.


When even the judge thought he was dumb for accepting the plea deal:

The CW

I know Archie just didn’t want to put his family and friends through another trial, but DUDE.


When Josie gave him the wakeup call of a lifetime:


And finally, when Jughead made sure that these cursed words would never, ever leave Archie’s mouth again:

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