Regé-Jean Page’s SNL Monologue Bridgerton Moments

by Buzz Street Times

Someone get me a glass of water.

If you’ve seen Bridgerton, then you’re likely more than aware of Duke Simon “You do touch yourself” Basset: Regé-Jean Page.

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

He is so attractive I feel like I cannot look directly at him, and I say that in total sincerity.

Well, Regé-Jean hosted SNL last night, and his opening monologue was quite frankly everything most Bridgerton fans dream of: Incredibly horny.

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NBCU / Via

One of my personal favorite moments came when Regé-Jean was trying to convince everyone that he’s just a regular ol’ incredibly hot guy.

Which led into the moment where my soul left my body:

You know, like:


This screenshot admittedly does not do justice to the original.

I then promptly became every one of these women:

In short, I am the woman who screamed “YES!” when Regé-Jean asked this question:

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