Prodigal Son’s Tom Payne Reads Thirst Tweets

by Buzz Street Times

This handsome blue-eyed lad is none other than Tom Payne, who you may know as Malcolm Bright from Prodigal Son or Jesus from The Walking Dead:

Well, the internet asked, so the internet shall receive! Prodigal Son is everyone’s new fave crime procedural, so we obvs had to get the ~prodigal son~ himself back on BuzzFeed to read your thirst tweets.

There is so much to love about this man. His steely blue eyes:

BuzzFeed Celeb

Which, he “gets from his mother.”

And some of his other, ahem, assets:

BuzzFeed Celeb

“I’d such Tom Payne’s dick for 1 pennies and a paper clip.”

If you’re in dire need of more Tom Payne content, you’re in luck, because you can catch him every week on Fox’s Prodigal Son.

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