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Show off those stars and hearts.

If you need a feel-good movie that’s all about some serious girl power, look no further than Netflix’s Moxie. It stars Hadley Robinson, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Amy Poehler and Josephine Langford to name a few. Not to mention, Poehler actually directed the film herself.

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Moxie debuted on March 3 and has everything from handmade zines to a coming-of-age story that sparks an empowering revolution. The strong characters, inspiring story and stellar soundtrack are some of the key reasons fans can’t stop talking about the YA flick.

Need even more of a reason to watch? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite fan reactions to Moxie so far. Check them out below:


I watched #Moxie yesterday and I loved it !

1. Lucy is a badass. 👏🏾
2. Seth is amazing. 😍
3. Kiera and Amaya are IT. 👊🏾
4. Claudia didn’t bother no one. 🤚🏾
5. Vivian was okay. 🙃
6. Mitchell and his friends suck. 🙄
7. I loved the ending. 🥲🥺#MoxieNetflix

Netflix / Twitter: @jamonicatierra


Heard from my partner (a teacher) that after watching Moxie one of his students sported the stars and hearts on her hand at school. The power of stories. 🥰💪#Moxie

Netflix / Twitter: @caraviolabland


Moxie is a great movie on Netflix that had a great range of diversity and inclusivity. I personally appreciated the sub plot of the friend being held back from fully being able to express herself due to her strict immigrant asian family background. CAN RELATE.

Netflix / Twitter: @teefah7541


I’m watching Moxie on Netflix and really liking it, but having some feelings about being closer in life to the Amy Poehler mom/ex-riot grrrl than to the teen making the zine

Buena Vista Pictures / Twitter: @jessimurray

Have you watched Moxie? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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