Miley Cyrus Duets Lil Nas X’s “Hannah Montana” Tiktok

by Buzz Street Times

“Again?! The old Hannah reveal is losing its shock value.”

If you were a fan of Hannah Montana, you probably know that Miley revealed herself to be Hannah wayyyy too many times for someone who was supposed to be leading a secret double life. As proof, here’s a supercut of all those times:

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Basically, he just does a spot-on impression of Hannah making a big reveal at the end of a cliffhanger episode:

And he captioned it “I hope Miley don’t block me for this.”

In her duet video, Miley is dressed as Lilly and reacts to the “big reveal” by saying, “Again? The old Hannah reveal’s losing its shock value.”

“You do this every f**king week, Miley!”

I’d like to thank both Lil Nas X and Miley for that little trip back in time.

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