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Merlyn Mantilla The successful woman entrepreneur talk about her success in several business

Merlyn Mantilla is a woman with an entrepreneurial soul. She born in Colombia, and she has been living in India for almost 4 years, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, UAE or other countries where she successfully made a career. Currently she is living and setting up a new business in the UK.
She is a happy, optimistic, well educated, social, sweet and extroverted. She also loves to share her time with people and offer any help she can. Back at the time where she was living in Pune – India (country which she is enormously thankful), she was an enthusiastic Fashion Student at FAD academy in Pune .Where she managed to gain high recognition . After finishing studies she launched her own catering
brand L&M with her Italian friend and partner. Right after that she knew that out of her fashion studies, she needs to materialise all her
In 2016 she launched in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) her own exclusive swimming wear line called LA PALMERA (The Palm) which currently is sold in 3 countries and soon will be accessible worldwide. After few years of bikini collections, she decided to expand the brand and introduce LA PALMERA DREAMS. This is the NIGHTWEAR line under her brand that soon we will see it everywhere due her online shop.
Merlyn is very optimistic even in these uncertain times, she other personal projects in the UK as opening her own cleaning company. Her company provides services, cleaning and hygiene facilities for her clients. She is building her career as Fitness Model and her debut will be next year in the professional fitness category .Also, she is a personal trainer based in London UK for E -FIT EMS technology.
Her first beauty contest ,Miss Model 2020. She must be patient, well organized and have time management as well as interpersonal skills.
She has achieved a level of competency for creating and delivering safe and effective exercise programs for apparently, healthy individuals and groups. She motivates her clients by collaborating to set goals, providing meaningful feedback and by reliable sources for accountability.
Business names with the address:-
1) L&M Catering Pune, India
2) HOLISTIC MARBELLA, Marbella-Spain
3) Natural Beauty, Marbella-Spain
We wish her good luck in her debut and all her projects and we look forward to see you soon in



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