Melanie Scrofano On Wynonna Earp And How It Changed Her Life

by Buzz Street Times

11. Do you remember your Wynonna Earp audition?

Emily [Andras] always remembers that I was chewing gum. You’re not supposed to do that [in an audition], but I really didn’t think I’d get it. So, I was like, “I’m just gonna have fun.” I was trying to seem cool. I remember seeing the comic book and being like, “Whelp, I don’t look like that, so I guess I won’t be doing this.” I remember kind of throwing it away, in the sense of, like, not being too precious about it because I truly thought I would never get it. But I guess that kind of became my superpower in the audition.

12. Do you remember at what point during the audition process you crossed paths with Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and/or Shamier Anderson?

I actually drove to the airport with Shamier to go to LA [for a chemistry read]. We get there and Dom hadn’t been cast yet, but it was me and Shamier and Tim. As for guys, that was it, if memory serves. So I was like, “Well, I guess they got it.” But there were a few Wynonnas. I was sweating. Then, Shamier and I went to the airport together and drove home together, and I remember both of us being like, “Our lives could completely change.” We were both kind of in stunned disbelief.

13. In Wynonna Earp Season 4, Episode 10, Wynonna is forced to confront her drinking in a big way. What was it like finally having an episode that addressed it?

I think it was important to do. What I love is that Emily doesn’t take things like that lightly. At first, Wynonna’s drinking starts out as a fun quirk, like “Oh, she’s just a heavy drinker,” but I’m grateful we got to dig into what is the reason for that. Throughout the series, we watch her self-destruct, in many ways, using sex, alcohol, and quips to cope, and it became something that we couldn’t not address.

I also thought the timing was interesting because of COVID. I think everybody who is struggling with mental health is now grasping for whatever tools they have, and some of them can be self-destructive. I mean, for me, absolutely, it has been hard, and, you know, we’re not all born with great coping mechanisms. So yeah, this episode came at an important time.

14. The moment when Waverly confronts Wynonna about her drinking in the yard was emotional. How was it performing that scene with Dominique Provost-Chalkley?

Jem [Garrard] was our director and she was very generous with Dom and I. For me, it was really important that when Waverly confronts Wynonna outside the house that it just had to be really honest. It was hard because it was a sunny day, we were in good moods, we were happy, we love each other, we have a great relationship, so it had to be real acting. There was nothing, real experience wise, to draw on in that moment. So, Dom and I kind of just improvised. We took the actual lines and left them in, but around those lines, we improvised and pushed each other. We tried to ground it in some actual turmoil, by like actually shoving each other, because it was so important to do that scene justice.

15. Wynonna and Waverly’s dynamic in Season 4B shifts slightly, with Wynonna realizing she needs to share the responsibility of protecting Waverly with Nicole. What was it like exploring this new Earp sister dynamic?

Anybody who has been abandoned, by a friendship even, knows what this feels like. When you’re suddenly like, “But we were a thing?! You’re my thing and I’m your thing.” I think Wynonna is just so scared. I don’t think it’s because Wynonna doesn’t trust Waverly, I think she knows Waverly is the smartest, she doesn’t actually need to worry, but being the sole protector of Waverly has been her job for so long, so to let that go would be a major step in a direction I don’t think she’s ready to take. She doesn’t want to lose someone else, and what if she never finds the acceptance she feels with Waverly again? It’s an evolution she’s hesitant about.

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