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Kanak-The Visionary Lady Vs Time

Kanak Lata Maurya,popularly  known as Kanak by her stage name is a brilliant chef ,her finger licking food has attracted people from all over the world .Her unique way of preparing and presenting the dishes is quite extraordinary and have won millions of hearts. Besides that she is a mother of two teenagers, girl and a son. Her children also motivated and supported her alot to make this brilliant transformation.
The Age at which people starts planning about their retirement, she decided to plant her feet in the glamour industry ,at the age of 40.Always wanted to become a glamorous model,she was initially not supported by her parents and later on the responsibilities of family were hampering her head start ,but her husband helped her so enthusiastically that he even pushed her to take admission in ICE-A Balaji Telefilms Institute Plan, here she had got a platform for new works and she worked on her modeling skills so brilliantly ,that day by day Kanak was becoming a brand in the glamour industry .
She was inspired by Mandira Bedi since her childhood and  Mandira was always a role model and motivation  for her to step in this industry.
Even knowing the dark side of the glamour industry,her husband never stopped her and always motivated her to work on her dreams.Kanak loves to connect  with people and one can easily connect with her and checkout  her work on her on Instagram profile-@kanakslife

Life is full of difficulties and problems, it’s all upto us how we see the situations,whether we lament over the problem or we take it as a challenge decides the final outcome of our life.
Fortune turns like a wheel,one man it lefts,another it sets down.Kanak is the luckiest woman  who has got such a supporting husband,brilliant children that were always there, by her side to pursue her dreams.Kanak is live motivation to all those women who are not able to fulfill their dreams and get suppressed due to their family problems.Age is merely a number, a strong desire and determination is the ultimate key to open all the dream locks of your life.


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