Julia Fox Was Pregnant And Gave Birth To A Baby Boy

by Buzz Street Times

Julia Fox’s role in the nail-biting thriller Uncut Gems was one of the breakout performances of 2019. Maybe you saw it in theaters before, y’know, we all stopped going to theaters.

Julia Cervantes / A24 / courtesy Everett Collection

Uncut Gems was directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, who have also directed films like Good Time and Heaven Knows What. It also stars Adam Sandler in what’s probably his best performance. (It’s stressful as hell, too.)

The actor and model was pretty quiet on social media throughout most of 2020, but now we know what she was up to: She was pregnant and just gave birth to a baby boy!

“I ran home in a panic cuz I still hadn’t taken any pics but my girls came thru for me.”

Fox also shared that, right after the photos were taken, ” I went to the hospital and had my precious baby boy.”

“My forever valentine, Valentino,” she concluded her post. “Born on January 17th, 2021. The best day of my life.”

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