Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Anniversary Of Selena Movie

by Buzz Street Times

“I studied her tirelessly.”

Jennifer Lopez is looking back on her iconic role in Selena 24 years after the film’s release.

In a touching message, Jennifer commemorated the anniversary by reflecting on her preparation for the role and honoring Selena Quintanilla’s memory.

“I can’t believe it’s been 24 years since the release of Selena. I’m so proud of this movie!!! So proud to be a small part of Selena’s amazing legacy,” Jennifer wrote, including a clip of her Houston Astrodome performance in the film.

“When I was preparing for the role, I studied her tirelessly, her every step, her finger movements, her lips…her infectious laugh…her expressions,” Jennifer continued.

Jennifer also shared the advice she received from Edward James Olmos, the actor who played Selena’s father, moments after she took the stage for the historic Astrodome performance.

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“Once it was time to be her in the movie and we were filming the big Houston Astrodome scene I did the first take and after it Edward James Olmos who played Selenas father, an amazing and powerful actor came to me and said, ‘you’ve done your homework, now just let it go…just let everything go…’ so I did and just did my thing… the rest is what you see in the movie!!” Jennifer wrote.

She went on to thank all those involved in the film, giving a special note of appreciation to Selena.

Jennifer also included clips recording songs for the movie, including “I Could Fall In Love.”

And, of course, she had to include a performance of “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” from the film.

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