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Rosamund Pike is at it again.

Need a new movie to watch this weekend? Netflix just dropped I Care A Lot on February 19th — and it has already climbed to number one on the streaming service’s most-watched list.

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The thriller stars Gone Girl‘s Rosamund Pike, Eiza González, Peter Dinklage and Chris Messina. It’s full of unexpected twists and turns as a crooked guardianship scam soon turns sour.

Fans have had a lot to say about I Care A Lot, so we’ve rounded up the best reactions to the new film so far. Check them out below:


Watched #ICareALot #ICareALotNetflix I loved it. It was difficult rooting for two teams of assholes but man it was a fun film! I was on the Edge of my seat until the end!

Twitter: @Ag3Nt_N


I love that we finally get a morally corrupt confident bad bitch female character. There’s been men playing the role forever, like Leo in Wolf of wall street. #ICareALot #ICareALotNetflix

Netflix / Twitter: @emacdaddy1234


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I care alot.

And I think there is a lesson in there for everyone.

Don’t fuck with people who can ruin your life.

Don’t fuck with people who are prepared to kill to defend their interests.

In simple terms, don’t fuck with people.

Twitter: @Osi_Suave

Have you streamed I Care A Lot? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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