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Delhi fashion blogger and her hardships : Geetanshi Arora

Often the world seems easy untill and unless we step into the shoes of a person.Geetanshi Arora hailing from delhi has an inspiring story to tell. Being a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger her life is perceived all sorted and easy to go, but have we ever wondered about efforts of a blogger or an influencer? She tells us about how she works on content calendar to be presentable to the audience whose expectations arise with each passing day and how she deals with the rising high competition and changed algorithms in social media world.

A chore may seem as easy but only the person who does knows the efforts behind it.As every succesfull person has mountains to cross Geetanshi also faced a lot of hurdles in her journey and says, “there’s a new challenge everyday.”

Meeting to the rising trends in market and at the same time remaining humble and patient is not easy, but she works hard day and night towards her goals.

With the changing world of digital media she goes through a lot of challenges but fortunately she has been enrolled with ‘Born on Instagram’ program by Instagram team which has helped her understand the changed algorithms. In a world where one day people are your big fan and a small wrong step can make your life dreadful in the next minute, she tells us about how she plans her content and filters it to make sure no one gets offended. She scrutinises all her posts twice and thrice. A lot of research is required to give a view point on social media and thats not easy, one has to study all the facts and figures and go through the pros and cons to give one’s view point.

But she never lose hope and there has not been any turning back in her life. She believes in marching like a soldier and take every problem as a challenge. Her favourite part is to deal and tackle her challenges in order to learn new things in life. She has a plan to reach newer heights by creating useful and informative content for her followers. It is said that the problems of world are too small in front of your potential and the will you possess.


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