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Coriander noida – Professional catering service in noida

According to an old famous proverb – “You are what you eat”.
Food is an integral part of our lives and the lives of every organism alive. We all need to eat in order to stay alive, but eating isn’t enough.

The food we eat affects everything about ourselves, from our appearance to our emotions, it determines our energy levels and health. What we consume not only provides us the fuel for the day but also maintains our bodies for our future.
In order to live a long fulfilling life, have a productive energy packed day and feel good we need good food.

Good food comes packed with nutrients and good taste. Removing either of the two from the equation is a recipe for disaster. But in today’s fast paced life, many find themselves having to compromise taste for health or vice versa.

In a time where an overwhelming amount of studies show that corporate employees eat unhealthy food a lot – especially at their workplace – and wish to eat healthier but struggle to find an option, Coriander’s Catering Services come as a boon.

“Coriander” – a professional catering service – has taken upon itself the noble duty of providing people with good food – the type of food which tastes amazing and does wonders for health. Not only is their food wonderful for your health and taste buds but it is also very affordable.

Coriander provides meals that are approved by the FSSAI, FoSTaC and HACCP.
Their services include – Event Catering, Cafeteria Services, Industrial Catering, Corporate Catering, Onsite Catering, and they also provide catering to hospitals and patients.

Coriander has always emphasized on preparing and serving hygienic food to its customers; recently they have amped up their already high standards of hygiene even more, because of the current global pandemic.

All the workers working to prepare meals and those who are involved in meal delivery have their temperature checked routinely throughout the day.
We went to Coriander’s Kitchen and all of us there were provided with sanitizers and other personal protection equipment (masks, face shields, gloves etc.) so that the safety of the food remains uncompromised. Coriander makes sure that there is no direct contact with the food until the food is in the customer’s hands.

All the ingredients used by them to prepare meals were fresh and of premium quality. The variety of meal options they provided was quite impressive.

Coriander started its journey in 2011 with the intent to make healthy and hygienically prepared food available to corporate and individuals at affordable prices.
In its decade long run, Coriander has provided more than 10,000 meals to its happy customers.

All the meals prepared and provided by Coriander is a product of well thought out meal plans; Coriander has found the secret to strike the perfect balance between tasty food and the food which is light on your stomach as well as packed with nutrients.

Coriander has amassed an impressive clientele; Sony, HCL, Samsung, Amazon, Max healthcare, Ericsson, Jubilant LifeSciences, Zomato, and Microsoft are all a part of Coriander’s happy, satisfied client base.

Furthermore, Coriander has earned even more smiles to its name recently as they have dedicated their time and resources to help those in need, bearing the brunt of the pandemic by providing them healthy and tasty meals as well.


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