Black Supporting Characters Who Deserved Their Own Show

by Buzz Street Times

These iconic characters deserve a starring role. TV Producers, get on it.


Donna Meagle, Parks and Recreation

NBC / Hulu / Giphy / Via

It’s time to ~treat. yo. self~ to endless humor from Pawnee’s one, the only, the beloved: Donna.


Winston Bishop, New Girl

FOX / Hulu / Giphy / Via

While Lamorne Morris is now starring in Woke, I’m sure New Girl fans would rally behind a Winston-centric show in a heartbeat. Your move, FOX.


Tommy Vega, 911 Lone Star

Kevin Estrada / © Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

A standout star on the action-packed show, can you imagine how amazing a Gina Torres-lead plot would be? The world needs this.


Rosalind Walker, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


In this new show, Roz is the main character and escapes off into another dimension to a town called Purpledale…


Kate Contessa, Wynonna Earp


This powerful, mysterious character didn’t get enough screen time and totally deserves her own fierce feminist-centric show.


Chidi Anagonye, The Good Place

NBC / Global TV / Via

In an ideal spinoff of the NBC sitcom, Chidi would embark on a solo adventure of his own.


Simone Garnett, The Good Place

NBC / Via

She spends eternity running various studies and conducts endless experiments on her own terms — sounds like the perfect plot for a TV show to me!


Erica Sinclair, Stranger Things

Netflix / Via

Erica’s comedic genius on Stranger Things is simply unmatched. The show could be a whole Sinclair family sitcom from Erica’s perspective.


Shirley Chisholm, Mrs. America

FX Networks/Sabrina Lantos

She was the first Black candidate to seek the U.S. Presidency and the first African American woman in congress! C’mon! She does have an autobiography, Unbossed and Unbought available here.


Veronica Fisher, Shameless

Showtime / Via

It’s time for V to shine with her own show! She’s a great addition to the Shameless world, but she’s a starring lady in her own right. Who’s with me?


Jabbar Trussell, Parenthood

NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Imagine this: a young adult Jabbar goes off to college and upon moving back home, re-connects with the whole Braverman troupe. Hijinks ensue.


Joss Carter, Person of Interest

CBS / Courtesy Everett Collection

(Spoiler!) Sure, she gets killed off in season 3, but in TV land we can pretend that Joss is really still alive… and that it was arranged for it to look like she died…so she could take on a new alias and start anew. Works for me!


Tess, Annie, and Deja Pearson, This Is Us

NBCU / Getty Images

I mean, you know they can hold a dramatic scene all on their own. Beth and Randall (aka TV’s Best Couple) can even make a cameo or two.

I know I’m probably missing some, so fill me in: what Black supporting characters do you think deserve their own show?

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