Billie Eilish Has A Hard Time Watching Her Documentary

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“It’s kind of a huge bummer because I was super annoying then.”

Over the past few years, Billie Eilish has proven that there’s not much she can’t do and now she’s about to add a documentary to her growing list of major accomplishments!

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The 19-year-old singer and songwriter is about to release Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry, which chronicles the past three years of her life as she skyrocketed to fame.

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The over two-hour Apple TV+ documentary gives a look back on Billie’s career as well as her personal life, which she says worried her when she first watched the film.

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“I didn’t know what to expect. They were filming for three-ish years, and I don’t really change in front of a camera, so I was very worried,” Billie told Stephen Colbert in an interview on The Late Show.

“It’s pretty much me. And it’s kind of a huge bummer because I was super annoying then. It’s rough, it’s hard for me to watch,” Billie continued.

Billie says when she sat down with her three closest friends to watch the first cut of the documentary, it took them five hours to get through it because it was so hard to watch.

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“I wouldn’t let anybody [else] watch it until I’d seen it…The first cut we was like three hours long, maybe longer. It took us probably five hours to get through the whole thing because we kept stopping it. There was point where I stopped it, screamed, got up and ran around the house,” Billie explained.

And despite all the personal moments she shared in the film, Billie wants to make sure that fans know that it’s not everything that was going on her life.

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“It’s not everything. You’re seeing a sliver of my life at that time. I say that because I grew up watching documentaries about artists and in my head when I was younger, I immediately was like, ‘Oh now I know every single thing about them. I know everything they’ve been through.’ …I think it’s important for people to know that it’s not all that was going on. There’s a ton that isn’t in there,” Billie noted.

But even though making the film was “invasive” and “a lot at times,” Billie says it was all completely worth it.

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“Sometimes I was just like, ‘You gotta go’ but it was fun…It was a weird way to life…[The documentary] is beautiful and it was amazing to relive the good parts. Not the bad parts, but…it’s crazy,” Billie concluded.

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