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That “After The Final Rose” was better than the finale.

I’m not usually a fan of the “After the Final Rose” segment, but honestly, last night’s was even better than the actual Bachelor finale. Emmanuel Acho asked the hard questions, and Matt James took his time to answer them. All I can say is…thank god Chris Harrison wasn’t the one asking those questions!!!! BUT MOVING ON, in honor of the final episode of the season, here are some of the best tweets of the night that truly captured everything that happened:


Holy shit Emmanuel is so straightforward.

Emmanuel: let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Chris: wow, Rachael, it’s been such a crazy year, such a crazy season. It’s been wild. So crazy. Unlike anything in bachelor history. It’s so crazy-


Twitter: @ThotsBachelor


History is meant to be remembered but not all history is meant to be celebrated.”

Thank you @EmmanuelAcho for attacking the racism of #TheBachelor

Twitter: @pasyka


I’m glad Matt isn’t getting swayed by the tears. He’s refusing to do her emotional labor.

White people must understand how Black people always end up in this position, and do the work of learning on their own, not at the expense of a Black person they “care” about. #TheBachelor

Twitter: @DerrickClifton


If you’re one of the people upset that #TheBachelor is taking the time on Final Rose to discuss racism & how this season went down – you are likely the person who needs to be watching it the most.

Twitter: @tashakunzler

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