Besar Bislimi—- The resonating representative of the music in the industry.

Potential is something that individual wishes to find out within oneself. People with supreme skill strive to make things actually much more attainable for them by just exemplifying their piece of art one of them is Besar Bislimi aka CALI from SAMI X CALI.

Besar Bislimi is one of the renowned faces of the music industry with supreme talent and unceasing abilities that make them most meritorious. Besar Bislimi is popularly known as CALI on stage. Cali came to Germany at the age of 10 as an Albanian from Macedonia.

He entered into music through his friendly relation with Sami. They associated SAMI X CALI a business of their own. initially he was inconceivable in the studio but ultimately, he worked hard for all the things by recording plenties of music with Sami because he belongs to the Balkans. Presently four-song under the album named DIABLO EP have been launched successfully named Diablo, Zemer Janum, Albiwood, Holi that were adored by numerous.

He, of course, knows better what appeals to his countrymen in kosovo Albania and Macedonia as everyone there is also aware of Bollywood movies and music, it was also obvious to him that SAMI X CALI has to be a global brand that will help them to flourish affluent. Of course, they also encounter the vicious people in the industry, which proved them a lot In terms of time, energy, and other facets, but they have now withstood all the crises and heightening terrific with prosperity. For their more successful future, we wish them good luck.

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