Annoying High School Movie And Show Tropes

by Buzz Street Times

I feel like long-lost half-siblings who turn out to be imposters aren’t that common.

If you know me, you know I LOVE a good teen TV show or movie. Cliché as it may be, there’s just something so entertaining about watching 25-year-olds play rich high schoolers who have more exciting lives than the Kardashians.


It’s a guilty pleasure, okay?!

When you’ve watched as many teen shows and movies as I have, you start to notice just how many times the same exact tropes happen.

Disney / Pixar

I’m not complaining, I’m just saying…there’s room for new material!

Here are 24 things that happen in literally every high school movie and show to the point where I’m sick of seeing them:

Mild spoilers ahead!!


Everyone having time for a full breakfast spread before school:


Bonus if they eat by the pool.


The new girl finding a new group of friends — usually the popular clique — on her first day of school:


Everyone getting into top-tier colleges and only applying to super difficult schools as backups:


I’m sorry, there is no way Peter would have gotten into Stanford without lacrosse. And yes, I know Lara Jean didn’t get into Stanford, but you’re telling me UC Berkeley was her backup?!


Student-teacher romantic relationships being considered fine and normal:

Freeform / Everett Collection

My favorite Pretty Little Liars ship is Ezra x jail.


Super dramatic slow-dance scenes where a big secret is finally revealed and one half of the couple storms off the dance floor:

The CW / The WB

It’s still Brucas > Varchie, though. Fight me.


Everyone losing their virginity on prom night (and having no problem getting a hotel):


Characters getting pregnant the very first time they have sex:


Don’t get me wrong, Manny’s storyline was iconic. But sheesh, just how many times did a Degrassi character get pregnant after their first time?


Parents dating their kid’s significant other’s parent:


A couple sharing a secret half-sibling:

The CW

There’s no way this is that common!!


Random people showing up at the characters’ doors claiming to be their long-lost sibling, but really they’re an imposter:


Jumping on a motorcycle just purely out of angst:


Love triangles that involve the guy cheating on the girl with her best friend:


Characters choosing their college based on how close it is to their significant other:


I know this definitely is a thing in real life, but trust me, the boy is NOT worth it!!!


The main girl suddenly becoming “hot” after a makeover that just involves, like, straightening her hair and taking off her glasses:


Characters putting on school plays that are literally just about their own personal drama:


What school would allow students to write plays about each other?


The main guy being portrayed as super nice, likable, and reasonable, but really, he’s kind of a dick and rarely gets called out for it:


Fan-favorite characters being killed off just for shock value at the end of a series:


Toxic LGBTQ couples staying together just because they’re the only queer characters on the show:

Netflix / Freeform

I’m sorry, but neither of these couples should have lasted longer than a few episodes. Let LGBTQ characters date around and fall in love with multiple people like the rest of the characters! Don’t just give them a half-developed love interest they’re not remotely compatible with and call it a day.


Characters magically having access to tons of alcohol (and usually good quality too):


If it’s a supernatural show or movie, a character dying and coming back like 6 million times:


Couples breaking up to “protect” each other or just pretending to be broken up:


A character hooking up with their friend’s sibling and it being seen as the BIGGEST betrayal of all time:


I mean, I guess I would be weirded out if one of my friends hooked up with my sibling and probably upset if they lied to me about it (although I don’t think I’d want to know in the first place, tbh). But betrayed? It feels a little dramatic.


A character getting out of a toxic relationship, dating someone who treats them way better, and then deciding to get back with the first crappy significant other because they’re “meant to be” or whatever:


To be fair, sometimes the chemistry is just superior…but not in every case.


And finally, queer-baiting audiences with super flirty scenes and no intention of actually turning it into anything:

What are some high school movie and TV tropes you’re tired of? Tell us in the comments!

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