Always And Forever” Movie And Book Differences

by Buzz Street Times

Just like in the books, Margot has been in Scotland for college. Out of all the Song-Covey sisters, she’s the one who wanted to travel the world and have adventures. But when she’s home, she wants everything to remain the same. That spirit is in the movie, but when she clashes with future step-mom Trina, there’s a lot more tension in the novel. As the oldest, and with more memories of their mom, Margot has a hard time accepting all the changes in their house. Book Trina also doesn’t like spicy Korean food, which is a huge problem for Margot, who is the most vocal about ties to their Korean roots. I’m with Book Margot on this one. But, the longer they spend time together, the more they realize how much they have in common.

Margot even brings home her new boyfriend Ravi, whose story doesn’t make it into the main plot of the movie. The Ms. Marvel actor, Rish Shah *is* listed in the full cast as “Ravi” but it’s unclear if there was material that was cut. In the book, Ravi is a dashing Indian-British college student who visits the family and ends up endearing himself to Lara Jean and Peter K. Ravi’s presence is also an excellent vehicle to discuss safe sex in the book!

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