Abigail Cowen Fate: The Winx Saga Interview

by Buzz Street Times

14. You recently shared a behind-the-scenes pic of lights strapped to your wrists as part of the effect where fire comes out of Bloom’s hands. Can you share another BTS tidbit about how the magic of Fate came to be?

We’d do the scene without the without the lights first and get different angles. Then they’d like announce, “Okay, bringing the lights!” and then they’d hook me up to these lights. I would have to basically just wait for the cue, and then it would light up. I’d have to look at it and basically burn my irises [laughs]. Not really. [But] that was most of the the CGI effects.

For the transformation scene, I was in a harness pretty much all day being lifted up and spun around. I had to do training for that, and there were no lights — it was all in front of a green screen. Some of the fire scenes were practical, so some of it was real fire and then others were CGI. Then some scenes were combined — there would be fire outside and then, around me, the cool CGI.

BF: That harness sounds incredibly uncomfortable.

Abigail: I have even more respect and understanding for what all of the Marvel people go through, and stunt people in general. I don’t know how they do it. It’s not a glamorous experience, I’ll tell you that!

BF: Well, it looked very cool.

Abigail: I’m glad that came across, because they ended up getting me a dance coach for it because I move so awkwardly. Literally, like I can’t dance for the life of me. They’re like, “It’s basically going to be a dance and you’re going to have to move really angelically!” And I was like, “Okay, we’re gonna need someone in here to teach me how to do that.” It took two days worth of her just teaching me how to move normally. But yeah, I’m glad it turned out well.

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