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‘Abhishek Maurya -The Tech God’

It’s truly said ‘It doesn’t matter whether one hail from big city or not, it’s the big dreams that makes a man able to reach the heights of success. ‘Meet Abhishek Maurya the youngest revolutionary champ who transformed the entire digital media with his struggle and dedication.

He is recent pass out of 12th grade and rather than killing his precious time, he used it to do some productive things. With a strong will power and determination, he created his YouTube channel ‘trending takk’ where he uploaded tech videos. His videos were basically a complete saviour to all present day tech problems.

Gaining 800 subscribers for a novice in such a short span is really an astonishing achievement. It’s all due to his hardwork and consistency.

Uploading back to back videos, despite of lack of resources, is an ultimate inspiration to all the young talent in this industry.

A lot of research is required to give a view point on social media and that’s not easy, one has to study all the facts and figures and go through the pros and cons to give view point .

A chore may seem as easy but only the person who does knows the efforts behind it.As every successful person has mountains to cross he also faced a lot of hurdles in accomplishing his dreams.

But he never lose hope and there was no turning back in his life ,he marched like a soldier and took every problem as a challenge.His story inspires every individual to never be afraid of the problems in life for it is said the problems of world are too small in front of passion.

In this self centered world, Abhishek is very committed to his parents. The dream of making his parents proud of him is the ultimate motivation for the hustler.
Abhishek is a hodophile and we will be soon embraced by his vlog projects soon.

You can follow him on Instagram to know more about him.


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