A Group Of Filmmakers Filmed A Movie During Lockdown

by Buzz Street Times

The End Of Us is the pandemic breakup movie we’ve been waiting for.

Not sure about you, but I really haven’t achieved a whole lot in the last year of pandemic…unless you count watching a lot of movies.

But this group of friends — who are all also filmmakers and actors — decided hey, let’s rent an Airbnb and actually make a movie.

The End Of Us stars Ali Vingiano and Ben Coleman as Leah and Nick, a couple who break up on the eve of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order and end up quarantining together.

The End Of Us

This was actually inspired by Ben’s own breakup experience in 2020.

The tiny crew all got tested and created their own bubble together in a house for two weeks to shoot the entire thing.

And if you have been in any kind of relationship during the pandemic, it’s going to feel so real.

The End Of Us

Like, hilarious and relatable and anxiety-inducing all at the same time.

The End Of Us was written and directed by Steven Kanter and Henry Loevner, and produced by Claudia Restrepo, who you might recognize from Pero Like.

And it also features Gadiel Del Orbe and Kate Peterman as Nick and Leah’s respective BFFs, and Derrick DeBlasis as Leah’s potential new love interest.

Gadiel Del Orbe, Kate Peterman, Derrick DeBlasis

The film just premiered at SXSW, and will be released to the rest of us later this year.

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