29 Funny “WandaVision” Tweets From The Finale That Will Have You Screaming

by Buzz Street Times

WELP, WandaVision has officially ended and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. JK, we’ll (probably) recover and then move on to the next Marvel project. But, until then, let’s take a look at the funniest tweets from the final episode, “Series Finale.” Enjoy…

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

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Fair warning: spoilers ahead!


•No mention of Monica’s guy (astrophysicist)
•Who’s cliff
•Where did White Vision go
•Quicksilver was just a guy named Boner
•Skrulls again(lead up to an invasion? Idk)
•We don’t get to keep Westside Vision
•No Luke Skywalker type cameo
#WandaVision #WandaVisionFinale

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#WandaVisionFinale SPOILERS !!
Wanda: You Vision, are the piece of mind stone that lives in me. You are a body of wires and blood and bone that I created. You are my sadness and my hope. But mostly, you’re my love ”


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