28 Questions From My “High School Musical” Rewatch

by Buzz Street Times

There’s a severe lack of backpacks in this movie.

I have loved High School Musical ever since I was a little tiny child. So I thought I would watch it now, as a big grown-up, and see if there are any questions that need answering.

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Spoiler alert: there are.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?


What is this ski resort teen New Year’s Eve party? It looks like there are seventh graders in attendance.

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Troy’s mom says this party is in the “freestyle club,” which raises more questions than it answers.


Troy and his dad are playing basketball elsewhere in the resort. They are soooooo sweaty and I don’t understand it. But why does Troy say, “That’s money?”

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And I know nothing about basketball, but it doesn’t seem like Troy is playing impressively.


What is Gabriella’s tiny purse?

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Maybe I’m unable to see its good qualities because it’s the antithesis of my fashion sense.


Soon, Gabriella and Troy sing a karaoke version of “Start of Something New”, which means it’s a real song in this world?!?! Huge news! That explains how they both know the rhythm! Maybe this was always obvious.

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The MC person says to them, “Some day you guys might thank me for this…or not,” which is strange.


Somehow the championship game is two weeks after everyone gets back from winter break. But more importantly, why is Chad’s embarrassingly bad burn of Sharpay treated like it’s the funniest joke ever made?


Also why is Chad wearing three watches?


Why do only the nerd folk have backpacks?


Okay we’re into “Get’cha Head in the Game” now, and I’m really supposed to believe this guy’s in high school?


Wait. So we’ve had “Get’cha Head in the Game”, but the after school detention that makes Chad and Troy miss basketball practice is the same day. How many practices do they have each day???

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Troy’s dad is super intense about basketball.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, why does Chad just always have a basketball with him?


How many students submit musicals to be performed? More than one at one school is baffling.


In “Stick to the Status Quo”, where does skater (stoner) guy’s cello come from? If it’s just in the cafeteria, it can’t be a secret that he plays cello.

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I have the same query about Zeke’s sudden crème brûlée.


Like one single day after Troy and Gabriella audition for the musical, Chad says everything is falling apart. One day. Maybe calm down, Chad? To be fair to him, the whole school is suddenly embracing their hobbies for the first time.


Why the hell does Ms. Darbus think it’s appropriate for her to be in the boys locker room? That is not okay. Wait for Coach Bolton outside.


How was Sharpay allowed to paint her locker pink?


Troy, you tell Gabriella to call you “freaky callback boy”, but do you really want that to be a thing you’ve said?

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Gabriella said she’s used to being the “freaking math girl,” so I get he’s being nice, but, I mean, tighten up, Troy.


To quote Jess Day from New Girl, what is this hat?

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This applies to many hats in this film.


Sharpay hears Gabriella singing in the bathroom, but she doesn’t see Gabriella when she goes in to investigate? She looks right where Gabriella’s standing!


I’ve also said this before and I will also say this again, but how does Troy not notice his teammates are filming him when he makes the whole speech about not caring about Gabriella or the musical?


“When There Was Me and You” is clearly sung by two different people. Do they think we don’t know this?

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Gabriella looks at the camera a lot during this and it’s weird. She sees us. She knows we’re here. Gabriella, if you can hear me, Troy didn’t mean it.


Why is there a giant poster of the basketball players in the school hallway?

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Oh to be a fly on the wall in that presumably bonkers photoshoot.


What’s the difference between a jerk and a mean jerk?


Gabriella and Troy make up and decide to do the callbacks with their friends’ support. No qualms there, but when Troy is waiting for Gabriella, he checks the time on his watch-less wrist. What’s going on there, Troy?


On the day of the callbacks, the scholastic decathlon, and the “big game”, Zeke bakes Gabriella and Taylor a “pi pie,” but it’s a cake?


What is this code Taylor sends that makes the lights fritz in the gym and the decathlon room smell bad?


Gabriella and Troy arrive at the callbacks. At the start of “Breaking Free”, Gabriella gets stage fright, so Troy starts the song instead. Does that mean Gabriella and Troy are singing each other’s part the whole time? Maybe Troy just sang one of her lines, but I desperately need to know.


How does Chad think this is a remotely okay way to ask someone out? The disrespect! The hubris!


I have a billion more questions, but I’ll leave it at this. Why is Ryan not universally revered at this school for his talent? He’s amazing.

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