19 iCarly Jokes That Are Nostalgic and Funny

by Buzz Street Times

“Netflix has iCarly and I’m staying up to listen to ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black. What year is it??”

Y’all, iCarly is having ~a moment~ right now. Between the news of an upcoming reboot and the addition of the OG’s first two seasons on Netflix, there’s no time like now to return to your Sam-and-Carly-stanning roots.


Hype house? Sorry, I only watch iCarly.

And because the internet is a beautiful and magical place, iCarly memes are back and better than ever. Here are 17 of the funniest, most nostalgia-inducing posts thus far:

Here’s a close-up of that scene:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go complete a very important task*.


*finally make spaghetti tacos because I’m an adult now and no one can stop me.

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